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What is Bulgaria best hunting season?

Since the country is similar to most of the continent regarding the climate zone and weather conditions, the hunting calendar in Bulgaria should not differ significantly from the typical season in Europe. Indeed, the window of availability in the Balkan state for the most significant share of species has the same or quite similar time span compared to Austria, or France, for instance. Anyway, there are variations and regional specifics that were taken into account what is the best for the wild animals in the area.

You can’t go wrong if you go on a shooting holiday in the autumn – see on

It applies practically for the whole continent and Bulgaria makes no exception. So if you book anytime from early September to the end of November, it will be rather unlikely to make a mistake. The autumn is Bulgaria best hunting time to go after most of the big game – mouflon, red deer, wild boar. But you need to know that if you like to hunt the roe deer, it is prohibited to shoot the animals of this species after 30th October.

The suitability of the time depends on the hunting habits and the game you are supposed to be after. A significant number of experienced riflemen, for instance, prefer to chase the wild boar when there no leaves on the trees which means that for this type November looks like the perfect timing.

The spectrum of choices is broader in the winter

You might not be allowed to fire weapons at the roe deer, but the most of the small game is allowed to be shot for the greatest part of the coldest season. So, in terms of variety of options, Bulgaria best hunting time is probably from the 1st of December till the end of January. Sure, not everyone will feel comfortable to spend hours or even whole days in the woods when there is a risk to freeze severely. Anyway, it is not Siberia, and the temperatures reach below -8, -10 C for not more than a week or two for the whole year – it is most probably to happen in January.

Starting from the first day of February, it is prohibited to go after most of the big game like all kinds of deer and or the small ones. And when the spring comes, there much fewer options for hunting in Bulgaria – wild animals mate and it is strictly forbidden to go after most of the species.

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