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Excursions from Sunny Beach Bulgaria with prices from 10 euros

To travel is to live. This is a famous saying which says it all. In this article, I will be talking about Bulgaria and its beautiful resort Sunny Beach. If you don’t know much about it, keep reading to find out some interesting information.

If you are planning your summer vacation, know that Bulgaria is known as the most affordable country in Europe. And for foreigners, maybe it is right. For example, in Sunny Beach which is the biggest summer resort, the prices are low, especially for alcohol. It is known as the place with the raging nightlife and every summer it attracts thousands of party-loving tourists. The place is a major seaside resort on the Black Sea coast and it has more than 200 hotels, as well as more than 100 attractions. Some of the attractions are the excursions from Sunny Beach Bulgaria with prices from 10 euros.

The good thing about visiting the resort is that you can go to these excursions from Sunny Beach and you can visit the historic city of Nessebar with a panoramic view. You can also go to Sozopol to explore the Ropotamo river or to Varna’s dolphinarium to play with dolphins. Excursions from Sunny Beach can be made even outside the country. For example, you can visit Istanbul for one day and the Dracula’s castle, too. It is a one-time opportunity which you don’t have to miss because being in Bulgaria makes you being close to these countries and their culture. As you probably know, Istanbul has a very interesting culture and a lot of sightseeing. So, you can choose a one day tour to Istanbul just for 58 euros and to explore all of that. Dracula’s castle in Romania is the other excursion from Sunny Beach Bulgaria with a price of 125 euros.

Sunny Beach excursions

If you are wondering who provides these excursions from Sunny Beach Bulgaria, I will share with you some information about the company. It is called Transfer Bulgaria Group and has an experience of more than 16 years in corporate transfers, transportation, and logistics. They organize tours and excursions from Sunny Beach and not only at affordable prices for their customers. Their website is and you can see all the different destinations for traveling with them. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call them at +359 878-858-974 +44 20 8123 1485. Feel free to call them any time because the customer service center works 24/7. Get in touch with them via e-mail, Viber, or Whatsapp, as well. They will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

By choosing to travel you disconnect from your daily life and forget about all your issues. Exploring new cultures, visiting new places, and tasting new things is the best thing that life can give you.

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