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Hiking in Bulgaria is a national sport

And international participants are welcome to join in

The tradition of hiking in Bulgaria might be not as old as in other countries in Europe, but it draws an increasing number of people now. Yes, it is happening these days – in the era of Facebook and smartphones when most of the people barely move more than the distance from their home to their car or the metro station. But the love for the mountain trips never faded in Bulgaria, and actually, what happened in the past decade was right the opposite. Recently the most dedicated hikers in the country are of the young urban professional type, and it is not only a trendy hipster type of involvement. Those people like to get away from the big city noise and to change the environment being it for the weekend or weeks.

It becomes viral

It’s not only a national sport – the hiking in Bulgaria attracts more and more travelers from abroad. With so many opportunities to explore the hills and beauties, and with the accessibility to the main mountain ranges it is no wonder that the number of international hikers willing to join in grows continuously.

Looking to the crowd climbing to Everest every year you see that exploring the places of high altitude becomes viral on a global level – an activity that is much more popular than it was three or for decades ago. Well, hiking in Bulgaria does not require a Himalayan mastership – the highest peak Musala stands on 2925 m above the sea level. Still, there are areas with harsher conditions, especially during the winter which might not be suitable for inexperienced travelers.

Ask for guidance from a local hiker

You might not need it if you have already been hiking in Bulgaria. But there are so many different routes in Rila or Pirin, in Rhodopes or Stara Planina that it is practically impossible to be familiar with every possible road or track in the mountain. Relying on a local guide is a guarantee that your trip will avoid any major trouble and that you will feel generally safe. Being led by someone who is familiar in details with the hills and the routes will be particularly useful when it comes to exploring the hidden beauties that you wouldn’t find in the official brochure, issued to describe the highlights of the trip.

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