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The Dummies’ Guide to Soccer Picks

Bellow is a dummies Guide to Soccer Picks. First let me start with defining terms used in betting:

1. Stake – This is the amount you bet with.
2. Accumulator – These are single bets that are grouped together. This can be risky but every time you hear people winning, it is because of these accumulators, usually a result of odds accumulating together.
3. Handicap – This bet is offered when one of the teams has a clear advantage. This gives the underdog team a small benefit.
4. Banker – This is the kind of bet that is considered when the tipster is very certain of where the bet will end up.
5. Scorecast – This bet is placed on a particular player who is predicted to make the first score
6. Wincast – This is just like scorecast but in this case, you predict the game winner too
7. Ninety minutes – This is also placed on an individual. If the said person does not show up within the 90 minutes of the bet, then the bet is called off
8. Twenty Four Hour – This is a rule set out by most betting sites. It states that the bet can only be invalid if the match is not played in twenty four hours.
9. Over and Under – This is when you predict the number of goals likely to be scored.
10. DoubleChance Bet- In this case, you select a possible winner. If they win or draw, you score.
The Dummies' Guide to Soccer Picks
Now lets get to tips on soccer picks:

1. Never bet because you want your favorite to win, Use your head, bet because a team is likely win
2. Do not add so many teams in the accumulator. Also do not bet more money than you intended to.
3. Learn patience because you will lose sometimes and carefully observe the best bets
4. Know what is motivating each team. If one team has a history of winning and the other one is fightinf for a sport in the league, chances are the later team will give it their all.

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