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Things to know before undergoing Rhinoplasty

Things to know before undergoing Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is an efficient procedure to improve your nose. However, this is not all it is a complicated procedure, and you should know in detail about the process, to get the best-desired results.

Here are a few highlights of the rhinoplasty surgery that you should be aware of:


1. The concept of a perfect nose is a myth

A successful rhinoplasty surgery intends to improve the look of your nose, it can change the shape, contour, profile but it will fail to give you the nose that you saw in the magazine. The concept of a perfect nose is nothing but a myth. Rhinoplasty intends to give you improvement but not perfection.


2. It requires bandaging to the extent to make you look like a mummy

A part of the recovery of rhinoplasty surgery is bandaging. It is done to prevent the bones from moving after surgery and control swelling, it is required to wear a splint over the nose for at least a week. As per the requirement of procedure and your specific needs you need to wear a bandage for a few additional days.


3. Avoid glasses or sun shades for a month after surgery

The bridge of the nose will require some additional time to heal after the surgery. If you wear glasses or sunglasses immediately after the surgery, it could put pressure on the bridge and result in indentations. It is recommended not to wear glasses for six weeks after the surgery. If wearing the glasses is a compulsion then it should be worn with a nasal splint or tape the glasses to your forehead to reduce the pressure on the nose.


4. Rhinoplasty can be almost painless

Medicines help in the recovery phase of rhinoplasty; there is little or no pain after the surgery. However personal experience can be different, but one can quickly get away with the procedure without any pain.


5. Breathing could be more difficult after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is not only cosmetic surgery, but it also deals with improving nasal airway function. It is used to either preserve or correct the nasal airway. During the procedure, the nasal airway is compromised. This could give you the feeling of congestion or difficulty in breathing through the nose. In such a situation rhinoplasty revision is required to be done to restore the support needed to give you a better-looking nose with a properly functioning nose.


6. There are other options for correction apart from rhinoplasty

As rhinoplasty is the best option for long-lasting results, however for small changes non- surgical options can also be tried out. Fillers can be used for minor issues like humps, bumps or little asymmetry. These procedures are quick and easy but do not last long. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty takes only five minutes to be done and cause no discomfort or needs no recovery period, but results will continue just for a year.


Rhinoplasty is the best way to correct your nose. Understanding it will help you in getting a clear picture.

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